Why “Another” Church?

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One question that is sure to be on the minds of many is: why “another” church? Why have we chosen to start a new church when there are so many already to choose from? This is an important question we want to address.

First, Reborn Church isn’t just a “new church”, it is actually an extension of a ministry that was first established in September of 2011 called My Emanuel. You can visit the My Emanuel website, which is still active, at myemanuel.com. Our mission then is the same as it is now: to take the name of Jesus into all the world through every means possible. Reborn Church is the next chapter in the story God has already been writing in our lives for decades.

Reborn Church is meant to intensify our efforts and focus all our resources on the core that drives us as people: loving Jesus and others, radically. One of our earliest documents for Reborn Church explored this question: if a new church were established to serve our community and world, how would it be radically different than anything that exists today? Everything we do now is meant to find ways to connect people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that only Jesus has the power to transform and that He alone is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). We believe that faith in Jesus is the only way to salvation and that confessing and surrendering to Jesus as Lord is the requirement for salvation (Romans 10:9).

So… why a “new” church? The answer is simply that we believe it is far beyond time for the church of Jesus to get back to the basics (K.I.S.S – keep it simple saints). With bloated budgets, huge buildings that sit empty the majority of the time, complexities that drive division and disunity, the current church model has left much to be desired. We believe that overcomplicating what it means to be the church (spoiler alert: every follower of Jesus is the church) has distracted us from our mission (Matthew 28:19-20) to make disciples of all nations. 

We believe that the complexities within church organization and structure have also diverted desperately needed funds to frontline causes that should build the kingdom of God. While churches spend millions on buildings, millions sleep in the streets. While we fund complex programs with little impact, millions of children and families struggle with food insecurities. In short, we believe that the church of Jesus should feed and clothe those in need (both spiritually and physically). We are committed to directing our church family to invest into local ministries (i.e. food pantries, clothing ministries, homeless shelters, boys and girls homes) in place of tithing to support Reborn Church.

To be sure, our mission is not to disparage the church of Jesus. We strongly believe that the true church of Jesus should reach across denominational divides to take the Gospel to the world. We believe that the local church serves a critical function and the practical needs (i.e. bills, payroll, maintenance) are legitimate. Our deepest desire is to seek a way to minimize these costs for our own organization while sharing the Gospel in a practical, intentional, impactful way.

As we move forward we pray that God would strengthen the vision He has placed on our hearts. Our deepest desire is to honor Jesus and proclaim His name to every man, woman, and child. The 3 pillars as a church are: evangelism (sharing Jesus with those who don’t know Him or trust Him as Lord), discipleship (helping followers of Jesus grow in their faith), and missions (taking Jesus into our communities, across our nations, and the world). 

The question we are exploring as a church is this: If a group of men and women who love Jesus and were committed to sharing that love with their family, friends, and community but it was radically different than anything else, what would that look like? Let’s find out together.

Be on the look out soon for us to address a few questions:

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