Recharge, our midweek Bible study, is all about helping each of us become more devoted followers of Jesus. An essential part of who we are as a church is seeking to be “doers of the Word” (James 1:22). As a part of this goal we are going deeper into the Scriptures, learning how to be more devoted disciples, how to apply the Word of God to our lives, and how to serve Jesus in our homes, communities, and everywhere we go.

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Training in Triumph – Series Kicks off June 2nd 2021

Our first Bible study is Training in Triumph. This series is all about practical ways we can deal with some of life’s most common struggles in light of the Scripture. What does the Bible have to say about things like: anger, fear, anxiety, disappointment, sex, relationships, marriage, tithing, media, etc.? This series will explore how to live as a disciple of Jesus in the modern age.

Week 1 Participant Guide (6/2/2021)